APRIL 6, 2020 — This is a a new piece that's still settling. A couple of takes edited together here. I'm playing a Republic Miniolian parlor sized resonator guitar equipped with a Krivo pickup and Replogle compensated saddle, strung with D'Addario Nickel Bronze strings tuned to DADF#AD, sliding with a Dunlop mudslide, using a Line 6 HX effects for ambience and guit-box looping , through a Fender Princeton reverb and a Fishman Mini charge amplifier, filmed on an iPhone X.


Live looping improvisation using the following gear: A custom made guitar with Lindy Fralin Big Single pickups made by Hideki Nakanishi at Sol-Nemo guitars in Osaka Japan. GHS custom gauge nickel rocker strings, Free the Tone cable and connectors, OWA 1960 compressor, Dumkudo and micro Dumkudo overdrive pedals, a Custom Tones Ethos Clean Preamp, Eventide H-9 and Timefactor delay, Neunaber V-2 Wet stereo reverb and Exp controller, Mission Engineering Aero expression pedal and Expressionator router. Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface, Mac Book Pro running Mobius looping software inside Ableton Live controlled with a Keith McMillen 12 step midi controller